Sub-Committees of the Wellness Committee

Members of the Wellness Committee also participate on a variety of Sub-Committees. If you have an interest in joining a Sub-Committee, please email the chair of the committee.

Chair: Jeff Melendez,

Sustainability (Green Campuses, Waste Reduction, Recycling, Cleaning Products)
Chair: Terry Costin,

Gardens in Our School
Chair: Denise Martabano,

Marketing (Wellness Newsletter, Signs in the Lunchrooms, Signs to Discourage Idling, Publicize the Wellness Policy in the District Handbook)
Chair: Jeff Melendez,

Food (Menu development, surveys of students)
Chair: Terry Costin,

Education and Curriculum (embedding sustainability in the curriculum, expansion of wellness policy, increase physical activity)
Chair: Joe Tripodi,

Wellness for Staff
Chair: Laura Panek,

Wellness Fair
Co-Chairs: Terry Costin,
                  Joe Tripodi,