Meet Our Cooks & Staff - Bios

Katonah Elementary School
Angela is originally from a small town named Solano in Calabria, Italy. She moved to the United States in 1970 and has been cooking professionally for 26 years. Working as the head cook at Katonah Elementary School for the past two years, Angela brings her passion for food together with her love for the students. She is happiest and loves her job most when the kids love and enjoy her food.
Purely by coincidence, Nancy is also from the small town of Solano. She has been living in the United States since 1971 and working in the Katonah Lewisboro School District for the past eight years. She loves working with food and takes much pride in her job. She especially enjoys getting to know the students and being appreciated by them.

Increase Miller Elementary School
Maria, a native of the small Mediterranean island country of Cyprus, is new to cooking. She began her work in the Increase Miller kitchen two years ago and has been amazed at how rewarding cooking for the students and staff has been. She thoroughly enjoys creating the recipes each day and serves her food with enormous pride. When the kids are happy with the food it brings her great joy and when the teachers praise the food it makes her feel great about her work. She especially enjoys working with her fellow co-workers and finds their teamwork essential to the success of the school’s cafeteria operation.

Malareth is originally from Panama and has been in the United States for 20 years. She loves to cook at home and make healthy food for her children and family. Because of this, she feels very connected to the mission of providing healthy food to the Increase Miller students and staff. She enjoys preparing the food each day and feels that serving healthy food gives her great satisfaction and pride in her work.
Meadow Pond Elementary School
Born in the United States, Victoria moved to Italy when she was very young. There the importance of good quality home-cooked food was a priority in her family and the culture around her. She had brought this value to her work over the past three years in the KLSD. The best part of her job is working with people — her co-workers, the students, and the staff. She is very fulfilled by cooking and feeding people well.

Barbara is a South Salem native who has lived in the district for almost 40 years. All of her children attended schools in the KLSD and she has a tremendous amount of pride in her community. She brings this pride to her work. She loves interacting with the students and keeping busy with her job, post-retirement. She says, “The best part is you never know from day to day what kind of excitement the kids will bring.”


Debbie worked for many years in a bank and has been pleasantly surprised by how much she has enjoyed working in the district for the past two years. She absolutely loves interacting with the students, seeing them each day, and hearing their stories. She takes pride in the food she prepares and feels good to be feeding people well.

Lewisboro Elementary School
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John Jay High School
Fran is a Westchester native who has worked for the district for the past two years. She has been in the food service industry for 18 years, most of that time spent managing a café and a bagel shop. Fran prides herself on being friendly with the students and has gained the respect of her young patrons. She feels it is important to lighten up their day and really enjoys interacting with them. Among her most rewarding moments at JJHS were when a student gave her flowers for Christmas and many gave her gifts at the end of the year. She knew then that she was making a difference in the daily lives of the high school students.

Cindy has worked in the JJHS kitchen for the past two years and has been cooking professionally for 30 years. She is a master in the kitchen and her passion for food and cooking always shines through. She prides herself on doing her job well and pleasing her customers — the students. She is creative and makes wonderfully home-cooked items every day. When a student told her that her Pasta Fagoli was just like his mom’s she knew she was really reaching the students and giving them the pleasure of enjoying a good home-cooked meal in the midst of their busy and hectic days. She finds her work challenging and rewarding every single day. She loves cooking for her JJHS audience.

John Jay Middle School
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